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[ # ] Managing Passivity
February 26th, 2007 under For the Therapist

Managing Passivity

Dr. Odette Reader discusses the issue of “Passivity” where a client person will generally remain in his/her comfort zone, and it’s relevance to the massage industry.  Dr. Reader looks at the 4 main “passive behaviours” and gives some tips on how to move the client on so that their health is improved.
Whilst Dr. Reader does not voice an opinion on the economics of moving a client on, rom a therapists point of view, there is an ethical judgement to be made in relation how much treatment the client may need.  This is a question that each therapist will have to decide for themselves however it is hoped that the therapist would only work to serve the client rather than drip feed their own income.

From:  The Journal of Australian Association of Massage Therapists.  (May 2004)

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