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February 23rd, 2007 under Studies & Research

“Is truth on stretching, stretching the truth”?
by Elizabeth Large.
Reprinted from
“The Age” Monday 6 November 2000.

Long-held beliefs about the benefits of both pre and post-exercise stretching are called into question. There appears to be absolutely no physiological benefit that stretching provides to muscles.


Does Stretching Prevent Injury

From From:- Channel 9 Network – Australia via www.terrarosa.com.auhttp://health.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=108680

Another important article that helps to debunk the long-held myth that stretching is the all-important method to prevent muscular tears and injury. This is a short article based on a television review on the effects of stretching. Whilst it is not very detailed, the points raised should be enough to make many therapists investigate further into this issue for the benefit of both themselves and their customers/clients.


Fibromyalgia – Fact or Fiction?

From: “Massage and Bodywork” – February/March 2006.

Author Erik Dalton delves into the relatively new ‘phenomenon’ of Fibromyalgia to discuss whether this is a real disease or simply a new name for an old undiagnosed problem. Some of the questions raised include whether this may be just a psycho-somatic illness, and what do the sometimes confusing symptoms tell us. There is a section pertaining to a thorough examination of a patient with some of these symptoms yet the strongest point that Mr. Dalton makes for massage therapists is to avoid making a clinical diagnosis. Therapists generally lack the skills and knowledge with which to be able to so efficiently and effectively.

Development of a Taxonomy to Describe Massage Treatments for Muscle Pain

The electronic version of this article is the complete one and can be found online at:

A extremely indepth study related the development of the above-mentioned taxonomy. It is heavy reading however extremely interesting and a lot of credit is due to the research team for both their studie and their conclusions.

Research Matters

From:- http://www.massagemag.com/Magazine/2005/issue118/Research118.1.php

This article written by Janet Khan Ph. D. discusses some of the major issues surrounding research into the alternative health industry.


“Monash University Study”

Discusses results of a recent survey into people’s opinions of alternative therapies. Many people have a positive attitude towards alternative therapies and a desire to use natural remedies. This study looks at the reasons why this is the case, and disccuses massage therapy and its relevance to current mainstream medical therapies


“AAMT Member Survey”

This article looks at some of the issues that Australian Massage Therapists find to be important in the buidling of their business, their skill level, and the general public opinion regarding massage therapy.

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