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Word AnatomyThis article by Phillip Beach is an interesting “take” on a more holistic approach to massage therapy. Rather than just provide treatment to a certain area or muscle, the article promotes the concept of massaging “whole living people”. Whilst it can be a little confusing to read through at times, it is thought provoking and may lead many therapists to re-think their approach to their sessions.


The Journal of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists.

November 2004


Lifelong Learning – What’s in it for me?

Leigh Olsen discusses his personal opinions on what continued education does for him both as a massage therapist and as a father. It is a timely reminder to all of us that we cannot rest on our current level of knowledge, but should strive to continue learning more and more for our own benefit, and for the continued improvement of our selves in our professional and personal lives.

Australian Journal of Therapeutic Massage
February 2004



Aromatherapy Massage confers Health BenefitsFrom:- http://www.massagemag.com/Magazine/2005/issue118/research118.4.php

A very basic article that comes to the conclusion that aromatherapy massage helps reduce anxiety and stress and is a benefit to the immune system.



From:- http://www.positivehealth.com/permit/Articles/Massage/cassar39.htm

This article discusses the effect of certain toxins on the body, and also the benefits of massage in helping rid the body of these chemicals. It covers such topics as improving liver and kidney function, assisting in lymph flow, and techniques used to improve digestion and circulation.

“Breaking the Pain Cycle”
Media Release from the Australian Physiotherapy Association
14 September 2006.

Promoting the use of several modalities (including massage) to manage pain in musculo-skeletal conditions.


“Massage in Schools Beats Bullies”

A short article on the use of massage in schools that provides real benefits to the pupils, the school, the teachers and the community. This UK based concept is beginning to take off in Australia as well.


The Benefits of Massage
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“The Power of Touch”

Another article that promotes the benefits of massage therapy. This article comes from the American Massage Therapy Association and was found on Jodi Saum-Stockers website “A Natural Touch- Massage Therapy”


“Massage – The Timeless Miracle”

Another article from “A Natural Touch – Massage Therapy” by Jodi Saum-Stockers.


“The Benefits of Regular Massage”

Article on ‘A Natural Touch – Massage Therapy” by Jodi Saum Stockner


“Benefits of Massage Therapy”

This article looks at a range of benefits that massage can provide. These include physcial, emotional and physiological benefits, as well as discussing some basic information for those wishing to become a massage therapist.

Brandon Raynor
Brandon Raynor’s School of Therapeutic Massage and Natural Therapies


The Art of Healing – Massage Therapy.

By Bruria Ginton, LicMT, ©1997. All rights reserved.


Massage Therapy Validation

A basic article which discusses the research into the comparitive use of both ENAR and TENS units into the treatment of chronic neck pain.

Journal of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists

February/March 2006

Corporate and Workplace Massage
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Consumers Use of Massage on the Rise

From: http://www.massagemag.com/ExtraEdit/127/Consumer.php

A brief article that explains, in essence, the fact that massage is becoming more and more prevalent in mainstream society, including the Corporate section.

Different Massage Techniques and Modalities
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The Role of Soft Tissue Work
Author Mario-Paul Cassar has written a detailed article regarding the benefits of massage (along with other modalities) in the treatment of injury. The article looks at massage and Neuro-muscular technique, and explains the effect on soft tissues, fascia, muscle spasms and fibrotic tissue among other concerns.

From:- http://www.positivehealth.com/permit/Articles/Massage/soft.htm

Lymphatic Drainage

For those who have not looked deeply into “Lymphatic Drainage” as a viable treatment for “Lymphoedema” , this article discusses some of the major research into this treatment. The author’s discuss what Lymphoedema is, the symptoms and the types of people who suffer from it, as well as the characteristics and benefits of a lymphatic massage.

From:- The Journal of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists. (Nov 2004)



The Benefits of Massaging Babies.

As the name suggests, this article looks into the benefits of giving correct and structured baby massage. The main benefits that are derived from providing infant massage include assistance with sleeping patterns, better physical, psychological and emotional bonding, and the alleviation of colic symptoms among the infants massaged. It is an excellent article.

Journal of the Australian Association of ‘Massage Therapists
February 2004.




From:- http://www.positivehealth.com/permit/Articles/Massage/pritchard63.htm

Written by Darien Pritchard who is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in this industry (he has written many articles over his 25 years as a therapist and trainer), this article delves into the concept of RhythmMobility as a form of therapy. Whilst it is not ideal for anyone who is not properly trained in the modality, this article gives and interesting and in-depth insight into this form of massage and other percussion techniques. The section on cautions and contraindications is wonderful for all therapists also, and a must read.


No Hands Massage

From:- http://www.positivehealth.com/permit/Articles/Massage/pyves58.htm

Garry Pyves discusses his own discovery of massaging clients using “no hands”. This was done out of necessity to save his own wrists, hands and fingers from injury and has formed the basis of a very successful technique since the late 1980′s. This article details his discoveries, and looks at case studies as well. It is essential reading for any therapist who is interested in using different techniques, or is at all interested in the well-being of their own hands whilst performing massage.


The Healing Benefits of Oriental Massage


Author Maria Mercati discusses some of the various Oriental massage modalities including Thai Massage, Shiatsu, Indonesian Massage and Chinese Massage as part of the holistic concept of Tui Na. This article gives a good overview of each modality for a basic understanding of these therapies which prompt the reader to learn more.

Biodynamic Massage: – A truly therapeutic massage

From: http://www.positivehealth.com/permit/Articles/Massage/mccroh33.htm

Written by Denise McCrohan explains what Biodynamic Massage is and its effectiveness during a massage session. This makes very interesting reading for all massage therapists – especially the case studies provided.

Dynamic Bodyuse in Massage

From:- http://www.positivehealth.com/permit/Articles/Massage/fagg40.htm

This article looks at the best ways for a therapist to use his/her body during a massage that will benefit both the client and the therapist themselves. It discusses good and bad posture, training for positive body use, and exercises for the therapist to perform in order to enable him/her to give the best possible massage.


Kahi Loa – Traditional Hawai’ian Healing Massage

From: http://www.positivehealth.com/permit/Articles/Massage/big45.htm

Another article regarding this traditional Hawai’ian massage technique written by Cornelia Biegler. This looks at the history and benefits of Kahi Loa as a way of promoting healing.

Lomi Lomi – Kahuna Massage

From:- http://www.positivehealth.com/permit/Articles/Massage/lang57.htm

A quality article that espouses the virtues of Lomi Lomi and gives a brief overview of the history and benefits of this type of massage.


Hawaiian Huna Massage

From:- http://www.positivehealth.com/permit/Articles/Massage/samet20.htm

Another article that discusses the practice and benefits of Hawaiian Huna Massage.

Manipulation and Remedial Massage Therapy.
A short article in the Australian Association of Massage Therapists newsletter.
16 April 2004.

This article explains the difference between Remedial Massage and manipulation, and promotes the importance of massage therapists working within their own individual level of training.

“Japanese Massage Hits Miami”

Noriko Hirohashi brings Japanese Massage to the AAMT members in Miami, Queensland.
This article details the main princples of “Anma” massage. It makes very interesting reading for anyone with an interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Building Your Business
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“Success Beyond Work”

by Colleen S. Holloway

If you are a massage therapist with a drive and commitment to succeed then this book is for you. This ebook is a must for those who are interested in working smarter, not just harder, in order to succeed in this business.
To order this book, Click Here!


“Building Your Massage Practice”

by Amy Roberts.

Amy Roberts gives a number of interesting and effective hints and tips on how to build your massage business. The most signifcant point is to just DO IT. Don’t sit back wait for something to happen. Use the information in this article to design a marketing campaign that is designed to bring you business. To read Amy’s article, CLICK HERE


“Building Your Business”

by Jean Bailey.

Printed in The American Massage Therapy Association Journal

Jean explains in depth the 6 main marketing strategies to build a successful business around Corporate or Workplace massage. These main points may seem like simple common sense however they require a commitment to perform these tasks, and to continue to perform them in the face of adversity. A must read for anyone interested in the concept of “Corporate Massage”


Contractor or Employee?

From:- The Journal of Australian Association of Massage Therapists. (Nov 2004)

A wonderful article that is based around employment options in Australia. Some of the details may not be relevant in other parts of the world however they are important things to think about for both the Employer and any prospective employee/contractor within the industry. We stress that wherever you live, you consider the pro’s and con’s of your own individual employment conditions. There is a lot of different legislation that both an employer and employee need to be aware of and this is consistent throughout the world so please make sure you are aware of all the relevant policies and procedures prior to signing any employment conditions.

“How To Get More Massage Therapy Clients with Referrals”

From Michael Humphries – Help Your Practice.



Legislation and the Masseur

From:- The Journal of the Australian Association ‘Massage Therapists – February 2004 http://www.aamt.com.au/journals/Feb2004/3_legislation_and_the_masseur.doc

Whilst this article is based around the legislation pertaining to massage therapists in Western Australia, it serves as a timely reminder for all therapists to learn and understand any local policies and laws that govern their own businesses. I recommend consulting not only your local massage schools, but also your local/state/federal laws on the matter. I cannot stress how important this is, as well as joining an “Association” such as the ‘Australian Association of Massage Therapists” or the British, American, Canadian, Indian etc counterparts in your own part of the world. As the article says, there is “strength in numbers”.

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