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Massage Therapy Makes the Difference in Sports and Execise Benefits.
February 26th, 2007 under Treatments. [ Comments: none ]

Massage Therapy Makes The Difference in Sports and Exercise Benefits.

This article discusses the use of massage therapy in the treatment of a general range of soft-tissue injuries but specifically mentions “shin splints”, “tennis elbow”, and “muscle pulls”.    It raises an interesting discussion about the use of trigger point therapy, as well as educating the client about their own “sports health and well-being”.  The author, Benny Vaughn has been a Massage Therapist for over 25 years, and  specialises in orthopaedic and clinical sports massage.

From: – http://www.biotone.com/art_art0805_1.html 

Piriformis Syndrome
February 23rd, 2007 under Treatments. [ Comments: none ]

A Case Report of the Treatment of Piriformis Syndrome

As the title of this article suggests, this is an very detailed explanation of what “Piriformis Syndrome” actually is, and the use of massage therapy/bodywork therapy to treat this condition. One of the main techniques promoted and discussed is the use of “Deep Transverse Friction” or “Cross Fibre Friction” and the results gained from its use. Any therapist who has experienced this problem or who work closely with high-impact sports should want to read this article and take careful note of the conclusions.

From:- Massage Today (January, 2007, Vol. 07, Issue 01)

February 23rd, 2007 under Treatments. [ Comments: none ]

Achilles Tendinopathy

From: – The Journal of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists. (Feb 2005) http://www.aamt.com.au/journals/Feb2005/Achilles%20Tendinopath1.pdf

This is a fantastic article for anyone who is involved in the treatment of any achilles tendon injury. Author James Barker discusses the anatomy and pathology of the tendon as well as the signs/symptoms and aetiology of the injured structure. He also delves into the most suitable types of treatment that all therapists SHOULD be able to provide for the benefit of the client. This is a brilliant article.

Injury, tissue damage, healing and return to function.

This is an excellent article that discusses the three main phases of injury – Inflammation, Repair and Remodelling. The healing process of damaged tissue, and how different types of massage – specifically “Deep Transverse Friction” can assist in a quicker return to normal function are also discussed in depth.

Australian Journal of Therapeutic Massage
February 2004



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